After a truly peculiar saga beginning with our site randomly getting hacked (think: like 6 years ago) for no discernible reason, to a Chinese web-hosting conglomerate deciding to buy the Bright & Shiny domain in the middle of the night and mysteriously hold it for 2 years but literally do nothing with it (100% true), we’re back baby.

As you can probably tell, I’m in the process of  hastily working out the top-to-bottom coding reboot to design the quality site you all deserve right now, so bear with me plz.

I expect in this new phase we will be more multifaceted than the purebred (dopest dope you ever smoked) electronic music blog that we were back in our heyday, but honestly I have no idea what the future holds. I love it.

Check back in a couple days when the site is functioning and the dust settles a bit. Don’t get it twisted; music will always be primarily what we do here, but I expect we’ll be incorporating a more diverse selection of artistic mediums than in the past. If anyone’s out there, just sit tight, the vibes (sonic and otherwise) are on their way. But damn it feels good to be back (/a gangster).

More content & site modifications are imminent. Starting near the top will be a proper track embedder so I don’t have to do this many more times:



As Always, Stay Classy –


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