German producer B-Ju boldly made his way onto my “to watch” list with his tricked out, slow and sleazy remix of Wool & Cerebral Vortex’s “Erotic Dancer”. His latest effort, an original production soon to be released on the Squelch & Clap label is in good keeping with the UK funky/hip-hop influenced sound that characterized that remix, a sound and vibe I’ve grown increasingly fond of over the past few months. Featuring a sample from Brandy’s “I Wanna Be Down” (a sample also used by Blawan in his massive “Getting Me Down” release) and some bouncy percussion, things really get going for me at the breakdown around halfway through. Take a listen below, and keep an eye out for more from this young beat-wizard. With releases through acclaimed labels like Dirtybird and S&C already under his belt, it’s clear we’ve got a lot to look forward to.

S&C009 B-Ju Cry Wolf by Squelchandclap

More yet-to-be-released goodness from abroad, this time from the eccentric haircut sporting Parisian they call Bambounou. Out July 9th on ClekClekBoom, the star of this two track release is “Night”, a garage thumper that chugs along a bed of grimey percussion and ravey synths. It’s pretty easy to picture this one going off in some dark warehouse basement somewhere. CLEK CLEK MATERIAL.

Bambounou – Night / Brawl [CCB005] – Out July 9th (12″ + Digital) by ClekClekBoom

And since we’re on the subject of ClekClekBoom releases, might as well throw this preview up as well, this time coming from none other than French Fries. I don’t have a lot to say about this song that isn’t readily apparent upon listening. Justin Martin dropped “What to Do” at U Street Music Hall during their Dirtybird residency over the weekend and things got a little more than crazy. French Fries has demonstrated a strong affection for that ghetto-tech infused house sound with his last couple of releases, this one’s no different.

French – What To Do / One Ting Dub [CCBWL001] – Out July 9th (12″ White Label Vinyl Only) by ClekClekBoom

This post wouldn’t be much of a post without some download-ables, so here’s two. The first comes from Julio Bashmore, who really needs no introduction to any semi-educated electronic music enthusiast, but who  burst onto the scene in 2011 and has been one of our favorite producers ever since. It’s called “Troglodytes” and is the 2nd release with his newly founded Broadwalk Records label. Admittedly, I needed a little bit of time for this track to really grow on me, but its chilled out sound is quite nice after a few listens. This is a tune for the poolside.

Julio Bashmore – Troglodytes by juliobashmoremusic

Bit of an oldie, but it’s just plain pretty.

Iron Curtis – Goma


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