I’ve basically been tracking down all the most demented, Gesaffelstein-eque future techno that I can get my hands on recently, and one really intriguing artist I’ve come across in the process is Oblast. This release by them is diabolical and thumping in all the ways that make it entirely appropriate for a dark & lazer-filled room somewhere at 4AM. Check out the full ‘ACT 1’ EP on beatport: released by Mikix The Cat’s Parisian-based ADD Cat imprint.

download: Oblast – Breakdown (Original Mix)

An epic 13 minute techno masterpiece here, straight from the brain of Detroit’s resident mad scientist Carl Craig.

download: Cut Copy – Need You Now (Carl Craig Remix)

All you need to know: I grabbed this bad boy of a track from the Gesaffelstein mix above. Bass + Techno =

download: Bubba – We Need A Break (Original Mix)

Up next are two really good Scissor Sister remixes I’ve acquired recently, but I haven’t been able to decide which one is better. Right now I’m leaning towards the Boys Noize effort, those super sharp synths that wash across the track at around 3:30 are Boys Noize at his electro-tech best.

download: Scissor Sisters – Invisible Light (Boys Noize Remix)

download: Scissor Sisters – Only The Horses (Brodinski Remix)

Off of that free Alex Metric EP that he released a month or two ago, this one is a track that I dig more and more every new time I hear it. ‘Rave Weapon’ collides elements of UK Bass with rapid fire 90s rave stabs and Metric’s own impeccably clean production skills.. what more could you ask for?

download: Alex Metric – Rave Weapon (Original Mix)

download: Sound Pelligrino Thermal Team \ Tony Senghore – Bassface (Tony Senghore Remix)


Hot Since 82 continues to make a name for himself as a deep house magician capable of crafting all sorts of weird late night shenanigan inducing soundwaves. This remix of Chris James is simply next level.

download: Chris James – Nothing Else Matters (Hot Since 82)

Amine Edge impresses us more and more with every new production. This one.. well.. KNOCKS.

download: Spf 5000 – Doorknocker (Amine Edge & DANCE Remix)

Beautiful and funkadelic at the same time, this John Johr dub is a straight up anthem.. I’m in love. From one of our favorite labels around, Culprit LA.

download: Lee Curtiss – Candy feat. Matt Tolfrey (John Johr Dub)

download: Miami Ice – The Way You (Original Mix)

Chris James (1/2 of Coat of Arms alongside Eats Everything) is a dude we’ve been watching develop for a while now, and this ‘retwist’ shows him really coming into his own as a producer. this track is an absolute BOMB, and all we can say is we can’t wait to see what the dude cooks up next. Find Chris on facebook and beatport.

download: Markus Anthony – Distant Memory (Chris James Retwist)

Old School (think: +5 years old) driving and brooding Dubfire at the pinnacle of what makes his sound so addicting. The breakdown from 3:45-5:00 is pretty much
guaranteed to bring the house down any time during any set
anywhere in the world…

download: Unkle – Hold My Hand (Dubfire Remix)

One of my favorite tracks from this entire post. That lead synth/bass line is so simple yet incredibly effective at the same time.

download: Nobody Knows – Hundred Trys (Original Mix)

Ghetto Kraviz is a track we’ve been in love with for a while now. Along with Nina Kraviz. When Jamie Jones dropped this edit of her anthem at Ultra this year though, it was waaaay fatter than we ever could have imagined. On the right sound system (aka a really fucking loud one), the bass here is simply out of control. Go to right before the 4:00 minute mark to get a feel for where Jamie mixed in and how banging the bass was; the track really takes off from there.

download: Nina Kraviz – Ghetto Kraviz (Amine Edge Edit)

Another track where the bass gets more and more devastating the louder you play it, this one is some top notch deepness from one of my favorite labels Gruuv. The Audiojack remix is money as well, check the full release on Beatport.

download: S.K.A.M. – Rush Hour (Original Mix)

H.O.S.H. is another dude who I’ve gotten super into lately, pretty much everything his name is attached to is guaranteed to be D.O.P.E.

download: Adultnapper – Idiot Fair feat. Black Light Smoke (H.O.S.H. And The Deer Dub)

Bouncing tech house straight outa 2008. Booty Shake Weapon.

download: Worthy – Work The Walls (Magik Johnson’s Shake The Walls Remix)


These next two don’t really fit into either of the two categories above, but are nonetheless quite fresh in their own right. ‘Sex’ is sleazy electrofunk at it’s most chilled out, while the Wax Motif effort is just a bit of really solid electro.

download: Slugabed – Sex (Original Mix)

download: Chromeo – Night By Night (Wax Motif Remix)

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