Oh boy do I have some treats for you today. It’s been a while so I have quite a bit of knowledge up my sleeve to impart on all you chilluns. I’m taking you through a pretty wide spectrum here so buckle up and let these jams take you over. Starting things off are three tracks from a guy I came across a few months ago. Since then I have found no production short of excellence. I give you, Mario Basanov.
Download: Mario Basanov – We Are Child of Love

Download: Mario Basanov feat. Miss Bee – Just Think About

This last one is apparently only being released on vinyl… Whenever this happens with a great song I have mixed emotions of respect, frustration, and sadness. Maybe I should just start DJing vinyl.

For those unfamiliar, Coat of Arms is the duo comprising of Chris James and Eats Everything; two people responsible for some of my favorite songs of the past year. Together they’re unstoppable and as this song and any others you’ll hear by them will show, their groove is infectious.
Download: Thyladomid & Adriatique – Feeling Good (Coat of Arms Retwerk)

Adana Twins are new to the lineup for me, but rest assured I’ll be on my toes for any and every anticipated release henceforth. ‘Everyday’ has some great vocals and a thick beat to match. ‘Strange’ is a little darker take with some nice piano stabs and a Doors sample. As you may know, a few of us here are suckers for Jim Morrison and The Doors, so I couldn’t resist posting that one.
Download: Adana Twins – Everyday

Download: Adana Twins – Strange

Speaking of sampling favorites from the past, here’s a nice effort from John Talabot featuring cut up Temptations vocals and a little bouncing bass that’s more familiar to some of our homeboys from Bristol.
Download: John Talabot – So Will Be Now… feat. Pional

Too good to give away, but obviously I’m in a giving mood. Take this before I change my mind..
Download: Balcazar & Sordo – Obsession

Jonny ‘Bubba’ Smyth comes in with a tech house bomb that I found on a Beatport chart not long ago. Only complaint I have is the rave stab thing that gets added in towards the end. That aside, this is certified to make you a dancing fool. Have someone monitor your jacking as you could be in for some serious back injuries.
Download: Hoh – Suswour (Bubba Remix)

Here’s a classic thumper that came back on my radar through shuffle recently. This is some diabolical stuff and is sure to contort some unsuspecting people on the dance floor. If you’re really insane in the brain go check out the Hatiras remix as well.
Download: Marc Adamo & Tim Healey – Ghetto Blaster

Jesper Dahlback
, older cousin of big man John Dalhback, throws on an addictive bass loop and amps up the tribal percussion to make this hypnotic remix.
Download: Phil Kieran– Juicy (Jesper Dahlback Remix)

Round Table Knights can do no wrong. At least musically. Deep down I hope they’re as reckless and hedonistic as us cuz I’m sure they know how to start a party. This one came out towards the end of last year, but it has never gotten old for me. I would also recommend looking up Monkey Safari when you have the chance. Those two guys make some fun music as well.
Download: Monkey Safari – Kiss The Birds (Round Table Knights)

Download: Chris James – On & On (MANIK Remix)

New (way too short) Danny Daze preview that showed up on my dashboard recently. Supposedly this will be the D-side to his next EP so keep your eyes, and ears, peeled.

Some of us were lucky enough to catch Catz ‘N Dogz (and Eats Everything and Maceo Plex for that matter) at U Street Music Hall during their anniversary week just over a month ago. When those crazy Polish dudes played this we absolutely lost it. As with everything else, be sure to bump this on a proper sound system.
Download: Odd Parents – Fame (Catz ‘N Dogz & Martin Dawson Freaky Friday Remix)

Some old-school Maceo Plex a.k.a. Maetrik. Nice and freaky.
Download: Peneoh feat. Maetrik – Follow

Bonus Round: let’s bring it all together with a healthy dose of acid.

Download: Elijah Collins – Trap (MarcAshken Remix)

Download: Morgan Geist – Detroit (C2rmx2 Carl Craig Remix)

Download: T. Williams – Analog Tour

Download: Lazy Ants, Rob Threezy – Chi to Rome (Broke One Edit)

– Jimmy

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