So I head down to beautiful Indio in the Sierra Nevada mountains tomorrow for the first day of two weekends of Coachella that I’ll be attending, and to say that I’m excited would be an understatement of monstrous proportions. I’m elated. I’m ecstatic. I hope I’ve made you jealous enough… anyway, here’s what we’ll be blasting on the roadtrip down.

In honor of the picture above and the fact that I’ll probably spend most of the next couple days camped out in the sahara tent, we’ll start with some Boys Noize. Somehow I managed to overlook this remix for the longest time, but not anymore. This one is an instant classic. I love the breakdown about halfway through. Industrial future electro.

download: Daft Punk – End of Line (Boys Noize Remix)

THE festival anthem of the year is finally here. I won’t even try to explain this song, because no words I could string together would come close to describing its sheer hugeness, so grab it below and find out what I’m talking about.

download: Nari & Milani – Atom (Original Mix)

I had the pleasure of attending RAC at my college last night (fo free, how cool is that?), and the dudes were definitely solid. This chilled down remix by them is one of my favorites.

download: Washed Out – New Theory (RAC Remix)

Tiger Stripes getting all kinds of freaky on this one, in all the right ways.

download: Tiger Stripes – Crossroads (Original Mix)

This new Brodisnki is.. well.. I’m sure you can already guess. It’s absolutely killer. Those massive rave swells make me wanna jump around like a total crazy person. Actually, that may or may not be what I’m doing as I write this..

Gucci Vump (aka Brodinski & Guillaume from the Shoes) with a great piece of analog, retro-sounding electro here. Also with their signature slurred down hip hop influence definitely evident in certain parts.

download: Arnaud Robotini – Another Time, Another Place (Gucci Vump Remix)

Big Room shenanigans from our favorite bros out of San Diego.

download: Ape Drums – Jungle Rock (No Body Remix)

This bassline is absolutely lethal. The vocals, on the other hand, are either wonderfully hypnotic or a tad too repetitive – of course, that’s probably dependent on your recent chemical intake…

download: David August – You Got To Love Me (Original Mix)

Bonus deepness from No Artificial Colours. These dudes are the truth.

download: No Artificial Colours – Squared (Original Mix)


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