I found this track while perusing Soundcloud the other day, I was truly smitten from first listen.  B-Ju is a German producer that has released on several different reliably excellent labels including Dirty Bird and Squelch & Clap.  The particular track that I’m featuring today, a remix of ‘Erotic Dancer’ by Wool & Cerebral Vortex, is a wonderful UK Funky/UK Garage track that was recently put out by Sounds of Sumo.  It starts off a little slowly, but right around the 1:25 minute mark, the percussion and synth lines kick in for a masterful display of production abilities.  Stream it below and buy the remix on Juno:

[Buy the release here]

Master of all things disco, Gigamesh just seems to effortlessly pump out electro funk as it were as simple as breathing.  This sun-splashed nu disco remix track is exactly what I needed this morning on my walk to class.  Being the generous man he is, this track is free free free.  Take it now.

[Free download here]

MJ Cole is a British house and UK garage producer that tends to live on the deeper side of things.  His latest remix is of a tastefully picked T.E.E.D. track entitled “Tapes & Money”.  He creates a deep, percussive, yet up-tempo remix that features the T.E.E.D. vocals b-e-a-utifully amidst a landscape of progressive house-esque synth work.  I really love the momentum on this track.  The Beatport release is set for April 15th, but ‘heart’ this song on Soundcloud and be ready to buy this shit because it will fit perfectly into any dance floor set.

If you liked that track, you’ll most likely enjoy this 30 minute MJ Cole mix:

[Free download here]

Love, Patrick

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