First up today we have a nice little diddy by UK based house producer, Bicep.  This track is on the deeper side of things with lounge-esque percussion, piano stabs galore, and even a nice little R&B vocal sample that repeats itself about 1,000 times.  Self proclaimed as a “sleazy homage to the 90’s jersey house vibes”, this track just got released on brand new Love Fever records.  Stream only unless you tryna buy dat vinyl.

This next track is really just summer incarnate.  Moon Boots recently put this out for free on the impeccable French Express label/blog.  Featuring a vocal sample from “Not Letting Go” by Wayne Wonder, “Got Somebody” utilizes a funk bassline, brushed bell synths, and snappy percussion that’s sure to have you at least tapping a foot or two.  And fo free??? Thanks, love you French Express.  Call me sometime.

[Download Here]

For more tropical vibes from French Express, grab this high flying track by Perseus:

[Download Here]


The 15th installment of the Futureboogie Radio mixes: Falling Up [Download Here]

Love, Patrick – because I’ll never stop loving you back

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