New material coming in from the boys at Futureboogie is always a welcome sight. Their latest release, which dropped digitally 3 days ago, features an original and remix package from a mysterious new duo called White Lamp. I couldn’t find anything on them, other than that the group consists of a London-based producer/DJ and a Bristol-based vocalist. It’s the two remixes that caught my eye, however. The first comes from Ron Basejam, an anagram of James Baron from notable UK electronic live-band Crazy P. Baron creates a seriously mellowed, if not loungy vibe here with airy atmospherics surrounding the vocalist’s soulful crooning. This is one of those deeper tunes perfect for winding down a hectic day, one that calls for serious relaxation.

The other mix on the release couldn’t be more different. Coming from the minds of Bright & Shiny favorites Eats Everything and Christophe, I wouldn’t recommend winding down with this, as its steadily building 303 bassline just makes you want to jack around in a sweaty, dimly lit basement somewhere.
Support the brains behind the works and buy the full release, or your songs of choice, over at beatport.
Heard about this next one over at the Nashville Nights blog. Its a remix coming from yet another new producer duo, this time hailing from Melbourne and dubbing themselves Ferrari Campari. Admittedly, the first half of the mix didn’t do a whole lot to impress me. That deep, clubby bassline is there, as is the punchy percussion, but it needed something more. Luckily, there’s a big, ethereal breakdown a little over halfway through that sets the whole thing off. Those metallic synths that come in along with the pitched vocal serve as the missing piece, and suddenly you find yourself listening to a bit of a banger. And what’s more, these newcomers are giving away their debut mix for free, straight from their soundcloud. Listen and download below!
– PK
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