I’m feeling the deepness even more than usual tonight, partially because I’m done with the week long torture marathon known as “final exams,” but also it seems appropriate since we’ll be bombarding you with plenty of mentally deranged Ultra-worthy bangers in the coming days (along with our guide for everything you need to know from Thursday to Sunday in Miami + where and when to see everyone worth seeing – but the RA guide is a good starting place). For tonight though, we’ll keep things slowed down in the land of the groove and the smooth, off in the deep end where rhythm reigns supreme. A calm before the storm, one could say.

Honestly, who doesn’t love some Danny Daze? Out now on Maceo Plex’s Ellum imprint, this one again shows how every new release from the Miami local boy seems to confirm his status as the sultan of all things sleek and sexy. Definitely up there with my favorite of his efforts.

download: Bazar – Hard To Find (Danny Daze Love Dub)

Ever since I heard Noir & Haze – Around (Subb-an Remix), Londoner Subb-an has been right at the top of my list for favorite bros I can always count on to be swimming way in the deep end. Somehow I managed to miss this one when it came out a month or so back, but luckily the homeboy Seth Troxler had my back and suggested it the other day. Ferocious grooves here. I can only imagine what this sounds like blasting out of a club PA system. Probably vaguely like what it sounds like at the clubs in heaven.. (Yes if there is a heaven, it will have lots of night clubs… what kind of Utopia has nowhere for dancing?)

download: Subb-an – Take You Back feat Beckford (Original Mix)

I recently discovered one of the best kept secrets of house music, which is that everything and anything affiliated with Dj T. is automatic gold. Whether it’s his songs being remixed or remixes done by him or a mixtape he’s curated, or any combination of the three, everything seems to always be flawless. In this case, it’s T remixing himself. And it’s delightful.

download: DJ T. – Opera Buffa (DJ T.’s Night In Turn Mix)

I’d never heard of H.O.S.H. before this, but I stumbled upon his Life Is Music Is Life EP on beatport randomly, and it’s straight foolish how strong it is from start to finish. All three tracks on it are sensational, but if I gave them all to you guys for free I’m not sure I could sleep with myself at night. So check out my one favorite below, and grab the other two trax on beatport (link above).

download: H.O.S.H. – Hidden Pleasures (feat Malonda) (Original Mix)

Ladies and Gentlemen, allow me to introduce: Demarzo. I guarantee this is a name you’re going to become familiar with in the future. After someone suggested me this next (totally bomb) preview, I went and tried to look up as much by him as I could get my hands on. Turns out, he only has like 3 tracks released ever… and he still sounds like a certified pro. Actually better than most of the pros.. In other words; homeboy can ball.

I wouldn’t just tease you like that and then send you home empty handed, would I? Well maybe I would, but not this time. Grab this equally fresh little number by your new favorite homie Demarzo. And yes, it is sampling the timeless Method Man & Redman classic “How High” in the second half. I told you he was a thug.

download: Demarzo – Northern Soul Crossover (Original Mix)

Fuuuuck it I realized as I was writing that last paragraph I’m pretty much obligated to include this now that it’s in my head. One of the classic-est rap jams ever.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hupOggckAc]
So somehow I only just recently discovered this Audiojack EP from back in February, and it’s one of those rare releases when not only are all of the original efforts top of the line, but all the remixes are flawless too. Five impeccable deep house cuts. Too much goodness for one release. (buy here)

download: Audiojack – Stay Glued feat. Kevin Knapp (Original Mix)

Bristol boys Waifs & Strays delivering one of those fierce recuts I mentioned above..

download: Audiojack – Bad Influence (Waifs & Strays ‘Keep On’ Remix)

This bassline is pretty lethal. Actually, everything here is pretty lethal. Honestly if you told me this one was by Maceo Plex or some other heavyweight I’d believe no question. Top form by Switzerland’s Kellerkind.

download: Oliver Koletzki & Dear Prudence – You See Red (Kellerkind Remix)

I’ve been meaning to post this one for a while now but somehow kept forgetting. Release on Noir music. Drugs and Choices. They could probably rename the city of Miami that. Just kidding. Not like we would ever make the wrong choices anyway, of course.

download: Superhero – Drugs and Choices (Original Mix)

To finish things off, this is one of my all time favorites from the legendary imprint that is Crosstown Rebels. No matter how many times I listen to it, still so addictive.

download: The Model (EU), My Favorite Robot – Still In My Heart (Original Mix)

(ULTRA Tip of The Day: Sven Vath is guaranteed to be a revelation when he takes over the decks on Saturday. Plan at least part of your weekend around his cocoon takover of the Carl Cox tent (Cocoon is his major label and club night in Munich/Ibiza for those of you who have been sleeping under a rock for the past 30-odd years). He’s been killing it since before some of the other DJs (and yours truly) were born, yet he still manages to get straight shamanic when he’s commanding the turntables.

With that said, I wouldn’t plan on bringing any small children near his set, Sven has been known to go into Jim Morrison-style Acid/peyote/god-knows-what trances where he’s liable to do just about anything, including proceeding to strip down and dj naked for the next 4 hours. Yes, he has really done that (youtube it). On that note actually, why are you even considering bringing a small child to Ultra in the first place? My god. What is wrong with you.

Although he probably won’t be shedding his clothes in a 30,000 person tent anyway, he most certainly will be bringing an unpredictable and tasteful selection of soundwaves from the horizon and back, and you’re not going to want to miss out.

If you’re still not convinced  this dude is some kind of techno wizard and aren’t fortunate enough to be at Ultra to see first hand, just hold tight because his 2006 Essential Mix is our next mixtape sunday – 6 years old and still probably the best mix I’ve ever heard, period)

Stay Classy,


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