Boys Noize Records recently uploaded their third installment of the infamous Miami Noize compilation to soundcloud, and boy does it bang. Really, it’s got everything you could expect from an imprint captained by one as equally innovative and maniacal as Alex Ridha, featuring new tunes from the likes of Djedjotronic, SCNTST, Shadow Dancer, and many more. Two standout in particular for me, however, the first being “Don’t Do It”, a debut release from a “mysterious new producer” called Elax, who we suspect (read: know) is actually an alias of Boys Noize himself (Elax = Alex…clever). It certainly has a Boys Noize sound to it, but with a very uplifting feel together with the pitched vocal and lead synth line. This is one that’ll inspire some debauchery filled nights, that I can assure you. The second standout for me is the Strip Steve track, “Strollin'”. It’s much more laid-back and feel good than the rest of the compilation, which is probably why I like it so much. It’s fitting that it concludes the mix; after all that jack- inducing head-banging techno music, everyone needs a little reprieve. Peep the compilation, and the two that I mentioned, below, and be sure to mark your calendars for it’s release (digital only) on March 12th.
  BNR0MM14: BNR PRESENTS MIAMI NOIZE 2012 by Boysnoize Records

Like I said above, at some point or another we all need a little break from pounding techno music. Luckily, producers like LA based smoov house expert Urulu exist. This is a little remix he did for the Amadeus imprint. It’s as soothing and soulful as anything I’ve heard in quite a while, perfect for just lounging or perhaps for getting a little intimate. Download below, and be sure to keep your eye on this guy, we predict big big things from him in the near future.

Savile – Being (Amadeus ‘In House’ Remix)

I leave you with this mix I’ve recently done, featuring, among many others, the Urulu remix from above. It starts off deep and slow only to pickup in the middle and drop down a bit again at the end. I hope it serves as a good soundtrack to your weekend, TGI-mothafucking-F y’all. Click on the link to find the tracklist.

  Gloryfried Mix by Bright & Shiny


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