Honestly there’s such a vast array of music I’m about to throw at you right now that A. it’s borderline absurd and B. I’m having a hard time figuring out where to start. I suppose the best way to do it is to go from the slow/groove-filled and work our way up to the borderline demented while stopping at all the various points in between. In other words, if you don’t want to wade through the babble, feel free to jump ahead to the requisite sections…

In one of the most badass re-appropriations I’ve come across in a long time, mystery producers Claptone get all sorts of deep on a Wu Tang Clan classic here, resulting in some kind of utterly dope ghetto funky deepness.

download: Claptone – Cream (Original Mix)

The melodic progression in this next track off of Miami deep house imprint Petfoods is really special. Skip to the ethereal build after the 3:00 minute mark if you want to know what I’m talking about. Sorrow is only one of three tracks on the EP and the other two are just as wonderful, make sure to support and give them a listen/purchase on beatport!

download: Pol_On – Sorrow (Original Mix)

Sticking with the Petfood theme, next up we have these two sensuous cuts from Steve Huerta, who you may be familiar with for his work under another moniker, Go Funk Urself (releases on labels like weplayminimal). The first track, Love Clap, is coming out this spring on Petfood’s upcoming compilation, and is a perfect testament to the young labels growing collection of really high quality releases.

The second track, Revenge, is a groove-laden slice of Balearic style deepness that really hits the spot. The release deets for Revenge are still under wraps, so be sure to keep up with all things Huerta on his Soundcloud and check out a preview below. Based on these two tracks though, I think it’s definitely safe to say this dude is one to keep your eyes on in the coming months.

The remix package for Azari & III’s anthem ‘Reckless With Your Love” is finally out after a much hyped and long delayed release process. The Tiga effort is worth a look for its oddly chopped up electro-tech approach, but for me the real winner is the deliciously deep and melodic Cole Medina mix. Grab it below and check the full Remix EP on beatport.

download: Azari & III – Reckless With Your Love (Cole Medina Remix)

This next Dj Glen release is simply up to something shady. ‘Inside’ is the a track that’s mischievous right from the start, and is the type of quirky, freaky tech that would easily be right at home in the debaucherous 4th dimension colloquially known as DC10 in Ibiza.

download: Dj Glen – Inside (Original Mix)

I’ll just come right out and say it; I could have sex with this bassline, it’s that good. Or at least while listening to it. Bouncing vibes from one of our favorite labels out of the UK in Hypercolour. Something about this one just feels naughty; in other words, you should probably play it loudly next time you find yourself around lots of people dancing in a confined space.

download: Homeboy – Sound In D Air (Original Mix)


Flume has been breaking all sorts of boundaries recently with his unrestrained approached to electronic music. And I mean truly electronic music, because his tracks offer shades of all sides of the electronic spectrum, and refuse to adhere to a single definable genre. Grab his newest release which he gave away fo’ free below.

And this other, older favorite from him (also free).. Forreal, this Aussie youngster is on some other shit, watch out..

So this one is relatively run of the mill for the first half or so, but after the 3 minute mark it COMPLETELY GOES OFF. Skip up to 2:45 to see what I mean; this one gets all sorts of baller funky with a murderous mix of nu-disco cuts and fat bass. Dancefloor gold.

download: Super Super – Babydaddy Dub (Original Mix)

Alex Gopher getting back to his extremely awesome electro roots here. I could listen to this side of his stuff for days.

download: autoKratz feat. Peter Hook – Becoming The Wraith (Alex Gopher Night Remix)

Killer, high energy progressive techy goodness from the Swedes Matisse & Sadko.

download: Matisse & Sadko – Amulet (Original Mix)


Attaque is a young producer hailing from Germany. I can only really describe his sound as techno that is at once absolutely terrifying and delightfully energetic, and he’s pretty much as badass as anything I’ve come across recently. Keep up with him on his Beatport and his Facebook.

download: Attaque – Signals (Original Mix)

download: Attaque – Moderate (Original Mix)

Want more? Belgian madman Modek is making some equally powerful stuff:

download: Modek – Willow (Original Mix)

Green Velvet here doing what he does best; making delirious techno that seems equally effective for sucking you onto the dance floor as it is for dissolving any semblance of your rational mind once you get there. Traditionally this makes his style quite hit-or-miss, as his more mind numbingly repetitive tracks can definitely get annoying fast, but with “Michael Jackson”, he completely hits the nail on the head. For those of you who’d prefer a vocal-less dub cut, check the full release on Beatport.

download: Phil Kieran & Green Velvet – Michael Jackson (Mic Jack In Version)

What do you get when you mix Rubix’s disco-inspired sensibilities with Bart B More’s instinct for dutch techno madness? A track called Ari that’s 50% nu-disco, 50% acid house, and 100% Bright & Shiny approved dynamite.

download: Bart B More & Rubix – Ari (Original)


Disco of Doom pouring their predictable amount of insanity into this remix.

download: Bart B More & Rubix – Ari (Disco of Doom Remix)

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